Pastors & Team Leads

Selo & Mia Lozano

Senior Pastors

Strategic Team

Brittany Charlot

Outreach coordinator


Marco & Niki Labra

Service Coordinator & RiverBabes Lead

Niki - I serve because I love babies. Because I love seeing babies grow and learn. Because it feels like my place.

Melissa Gonzales

Stewardship team lead


Miesha Lozano

Children's ministry lead

I love kids and I have a passion for teaching. It's my goal to make sure our kids are learning and having fun.

Rosanna Snelson

Media Team Leader

From the first time we visited Riverside, I saw everyone's willingness to Serve and Help and work together.
This is actually the first church I've devotedly served in. I'm a "see something, do something" type of person. I saw a need to help and just jumped in and have worked my way to helping in many areas.
After serving, I've experienced much more growth than ever before.

Team Leads

Annette Flores

small groups Coordinator

Serving is what we are called to do according to Galatians 5:13. Serving at Riverside with a common goal to love the hurting back to Jesus Christ, gives me an opportunity to utilize the gifts and talents that God has placed in me.

Anthony Rivera

RiverKids Lead

I serve because it gives me a sense of purpose.

Destinee Ruiz

Worship Leader


Jacob Castillo

Sound Leader

Before Riverside, I was a little lost... Once I was introduced and started attending Riverside, I instantly caught the vibe and enjoyed it very much... from starting out by stacking chairs to becoming the leader of the Sound Team, this journey has been amazing. With that being said, Riverside didn't just become the church I would attend on Sunday's, it became my foundation, it became my family.

Madison Palacios

Youth Leader

I believe in the vision and the long term goal of Riverside. I love the authenticity of the people and leadership. Also I care... it's gross.

Randall Frett

Cafe team lead


Thomas & Bre Melendez

Ushers Lead & Greeter/Assimilation Lead


Wes Abrahams

TACOS Manager

I serve at Riverside because, for the first time, I feel at home in a church. Church was always a thing I had to do on Sundays and now it's something I look forward to. My favorite place to be on Sunday morning is no longer the Church of St. Mattress!