Pastors & Team Leads

Selo & Mia Lozano

Senior Pastors

Teaching Team

Chris Silva, Jeremy Pesina, KATHRYN DIAZ, MADI LOZANO, Samuel Romero

Our Teaching Team rotates teaching at the Waco & Marlin Campuses on Sunday mornings. 

Vision Team

Pastor Selo, Annette Flores, Marco Labra, Chris Silva, Wes Abrahams

The Vision Team plans for the future of Riverside, 1-5 years out.

Strategic Team

Rosanna SNelson, Madi Lozano, Stephanie Frett, Katrina Howard, Jeremy pesina

The Strategic Team plans and coordinates for the current year. This team creates innovative methods to continue to reach "ALEX". They maintain and establish RCC Culture (our WHY). They tackle issues and set priorities for Riverside. 

Focus Team

Ashley Lozano, Kathryn Diaz, Miesha Lozano, Jesse Palacios

The Focus Team oversees all of our Team Leads and equips them to be great leaders. This team oversees RCC systems and structure. Our Team Leads oversee the week-to-week duties that keep Riverside running, with affordable excellence.

Team Leads

Mia Lozano

Greeters Lead


Ashley Lozano

Outreach coordinator


Marco & Niki Labra

Service Coordinator & RiverBabes Lead

Niki - I serve because I love babies. Because I love seeing babies grow and learn. Because it feels like my place.

Mandy Pineda

Stewardship team lead


Miesha Lozano

Children's ministry lead

I love kids and I have a passion for teaching. It's my goal to make sure our kids are learning and having fun.

Madison Palacios

children's ministry lead

I believe in the vision and the long term goal of Riverside. I love the authenticity of the people and leadership. Also I care... it's gross.

Rosanna Snelson

Media Team Lead

From the first time we visited Riverside, I saw everyone's willingness to Serve and Help and work together.
This is actually the first church I've devotedly served in. I'm a "see something, do something" type of person. I saw a need to help and just jumped in and have worked my way to helping in many areas.
After serving, I've experienced much more growth than ever before.

Jacob & Destinee Castillo

Sound Lead & Worship Lead

 Jacob - Before Riverside, I was a little lost... Once I was introduced and started attending Riverside, I instantly caught the vibe and enjoyed it very much... from starting out by stacking chairs to becoming the leader of the Sound Team, this journey has been amazing. With that being said, Riverside didn't just become the church I would attend on Sunday's, it became my foundation, it became my family.

Heather Fish

Yellow Crowd Lead

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Randall Frett

Cafe team lead


Katrina Howard

Youth Lead


Matthew Campos

Cleaning crew lead

Marcus Howard

Yard crew lead

Annette Flores

Connections Lead